ICARUS: An independent assassination contract group – You pay and they will get the right hit man to end the lives of your enemies.

Lawrence Conti / Speciality: Chemistry
The last remaining member of the once infamous Conti crime family – Now a chem student turned rookie assassin.

Cameron Reyes / Speciality: Connections
Founded Icarus after the fall of the Conti family, previously a trusted friend of the Conti crime empire.

Chloe / Speciality: Sniper Rifles
The unofficial leader of Icarus – Expert marksman and hardened assassin.

THE COLLECTIVE: A massive organization combining all of the smaller gangs of Acropolis into one super gang that controls most of the city. Built out of the ruins of the Conti empire after The Boss and Bobby killed the Conti family.

The Boss / Speciality: Terror and Surgical Executions
The widely feared leader of The Collective… its said that those who enter his basement leave in pieces.

Bobby / Speciality: Brass Knuckles and Blunt Force Trauma
Number 2 in The Collective, Bobby runs the gang from behind the scenes while making time for his criminal ‘hobbies’.

BATTAGLIA FAMILY: The last remaining mafia family in Acropolis – The once powerful group is now suffering in the opposing shadow of The Collective, losing connections and territory as more people join their enemy.

Franky Battaglia / Speciality: Mafia Royalty
Bred and raised to take the reins as leader of the Battaglia family and eager to prove he can handle it, even as the family falls apart around him